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PushAlgo Generates money for you outside your website- in addition to your current existing revenue sources.

Add to your website in 5 minutes

PushAlgo Enables Publishers to


by adding a NEW monetization tool, that generates revenues from your visitors for a long time.


with your users, way after they left your website. Notify them about new articles in your site or new posts in your blog. Tell your users about new products that you have or even a new site.


by connecting to top tier direct advertisers that have strong demand and payouts worldwide

How to Implement?

Integrating Push-Algo ad technology is very simple and takes no more than 5 Minutes. You just need to copy and paste 2 lines of code to your website.

If needed, our dedicated team will walk you through all the steps of integration and even personally help you.


Join the most powerful brands that enjoy the value of connection to their passionate subscribers daily.

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To get the newest traffic stream

PushAlgo Enables Advertisers to


with massive audience that is segmented by contextual & behavioral profiles daily


to millions of mobile and desktop subscribers every day


efficiently the audience that brings you the best results and scale it up in with powerful abilities

Reach to the right Segment, in the right time.


What are Push Notifications?


Push notifications are a communication channel built into every mobile device sold today.

Push notifications allow apps to reach out to users with short messages that users may respond to.

Tree things to know about push notifications:

1. Push notifications are the first and often most important communications channel used by apps

2. Nearly every major app uses push notifications for transactions and re-engagement.

3. Push notification technology is rapidly evolving from a simple message delivery system to a rich and interactive medium



Any questions? We have answers.

How do I start as a publisher on PushAlgo?

Simply sign up on our website using the publisher Sign-up Form. Once your site is approved you will be able to start integrating PushAlgo widgets.

How do I integrate PushAlgo?

Don’t worry easy copy-paste. No more than 5 minutes are required. Simply add a new widget in the publisher dashboard and copy-paste the 2 lines of code to your site. - that’s all.

What Countries are covered?

PushAlgo has a WorldWide coverage of advertisers and we are able to monetize all of your traffic.

What payment options does PushAlgo offer to publishers?

We offer Wire , PayPal , Payoneer , Paxum

How frequently do you pay?

PushAlgo understands the importance of accurate timely payments, and it offers weekly payments to their publishers

As a Publisher, do I have to sign an exclusivity agreement with PushAlgo?

No. You can run ads from other providers as well , our push notification won't hurt the variety of advertisers on your website.

What are my expected monthly revenues?

The Revenues are related to many factors like geos, audience age, audience gender and more. PushAlgo’s AI optimize the advertisements delivered to you users in order to generate the Highest revenues.

How do I contact my personal manager?

After you register you will be assigned to an account manager that will assist you on any issue required. You can contact us via Mail, Skype or Online Chat

Can I manually control the amount of push notifications?

Yes, you can choose the number of daily push notifications served to your users. The number of the push selected can significantly affect your total revenues.

How often statistics are updated?

The statistics in the Dashboard are updated every 24 hours.

What is PushAlgo referral program?

PushAlgo Referral program is very simple! Refer new publishers to PushAlgo via personal invite link or a creative and earn 5% of their revenue

How do I join PushAlgo referral program?

If your account is active and payable, you may access the Referral Program page in your PushAlgo Account where you will find your unique invite link and PushAlgo Referral creatives?